1. Overview

We provide individualized educational programs for children with autism, ages 3-12 through an 11-week Parent-Training Course. Teaching techniques are based on applied behavior analysis (ABA). Skills are taught based on individual assessments and designed to meet the unique learning needs of each child. Areas taught range from learning readiness, self-care to academics and language. Parents also participate in all teaching activities.

Parents are grouped according to their children's age and skill level. There are currently 5 preschool-classes, which focus on individualized instruction of learning readiness, basic self-care, pre-academic and language skills designed to prepare for children's later learning. We have recently started the youth-class (beginning in 2002), which is a continuation of the preschool individualized program, expanding the child's learning into academic, communication, domestic and social skills.

2. Educational Scope

Parent-Training ---- Stars and Rain's unique service model

What is the best way for Stars and Rain to meet the needs of children with autism in China?
Stars and Rain started with a continuous boarding program and later day-care services. With more parents knocking on the door while there were no places to offer them, the limitation of these programs was evident. Stars and Rain would never have the resources to carry out long-term care for its students with autism and attendance in the programs were also severely restricted by the focus on local communities.

What are the roles and function of Stars and Rain's service?
Stars and Rain is not a replacement of a regular school in a given community but is an organization offering specialized short-term services open to all children with autism in China. Stars and Rain’s goal is to supplement regular education by reducing children’s barriers to schooling and to enhance their ability to live a normal life.

Why is Stars and Rain focused on Parent-Training Program?
Stars and Rain offers short-term (11-week) training programs to train both children and their parents, who later become teachers to their children to provide long term care at home. The shortened term lightens parents’ financial burden and enables Stars and Rain to reach out to more students. By shifting the training focus from children to their parents, Stars and Rain is able to achieve maximum impact.

3. Programs

Characteristics of the Parent- Training Program:

1) Help parents learn that appropriate training and education can help their children, and help them understand :
- training is a helpful and life long process,
- achieving successful training is closely linked with parents involvement.
2) Help parents to understand that teaching children with autism requires specific techniques and
- they can master the techniques (ABA),
- this is the most effective way to help their children make progress.
3) Convince parents that it is possible to teach children with autism, if they
- learn how to communicate with their children,
- develop a relationship of trust with their children.

Model of Parent-Training Program:


The 11-week ABA training course :

- 2 weeks for observation and assessment of students with autism. After the observation period, an IEP (Individual Educational Program) is developed for each student.

- 8 weeks for training in ABA techniques. The teaching materials are organized in 10 units; Stars and Rain teachers give workshops to parents every Friday based on the weekly topic. In the training sessions of the rest of the week, parents practice ABA skills (including subjects of language/cognitive, fine motor, sports and etc.) in small groups with their children under the teachers’ guidance. Their learning progress is tested at the end of each week.

- 1 weeks for student evaluation and IFP (individual Family Program) development.

- Follow-up. A 3-week returning-class is also offered to the parents who would like to have more advanced learning to solve any issues they might have as their child gets older.

Semester Teaching Schedule:


Teaching operation