Time span



Preschool class for parents with children ages 3-7

11 weeks

Training cours in ABA approaches

There are currently 5 preschool classes, and each class enrolls a maximum of 9 students/families

Returning class for families who have completed an 11-week training course.

3 weeks

Evaluation and reassessment of the children after they have followed an Individual Home Program for a few months.

a chance for parents to get more advanced training

Outreach training workshop through sending teaching staff to different provinces

10 or 20 days

Introduction of ABA training for children with autism

for those families who can not join the program due to the long waiting list.

Youth-class for students aged 7-12

5 weeks

The curriculum is expanding the child's learning into academic, communication, domestic and social skills.

To help parents in dealing with new issues they face as their child gets older, and increase the schooling abilities of student